This is Product Department

Founded to develop the Digital Product Management capabilities of people

Product Department

Learn faster, train smarter, and create value

Product Department, founded in 2020, has a mission to develop Digital Product Management capabilities in organizations by training fantastic product managers. In the digital transition where ‘software eats the world,’ developing these capabilities is crucial for successful organizations as all products and services acquire a ‘digital layer,’ and Customer Experience (CX) becomes the determining factor for success.

Dit is Product Department

The driving forces behind Product Department are Daniel Schafrat and Emile Berckmoes. Both have gained insights and experience in the practice of Digital Product Management in various product roles, including Head of Product, at corporates, start-ups, and scale-ups.

 The goal of Digital Product Management is to create maximum value for customers and the organization…


 The aim of Digital Product Management is to create maximum value with products and services for customers and organizations. As one of the 4Ps of marketing, product management used to be clear to everyone, but this has changed in the digital transformation. Not the goal of product management has changed but its implementation and position in successful digitizing organizations.

… with the Silicon Valley success formula…


Product Management has been reinvented into Digital Product Management in Silicon Valley by combining the domains of business, design, and technology. Digital Product Management is precisely what it says; Product Management in a digital environment. Digital Product Management answers the strategic question ‘how do we know if we are developing the right products or services.’ 

… and bridging the gap between business and digital/IT…


 The value of Digital Product Management lies in bridging the ‘gap in practice’ between business and digital/IT. In recent years, there has been a lot of investment in setting up agile/scrum development organizations with Product Owners, cross-functional teams, sprints, and backlogs, but not in the corresponding Digital Product Management capabilities to make the change successful. 

… by investing in Digital Product Management capabilities.


 Digital Product Management is much more than working with agile or scrum. Digital Product Management bridges the gap between Business and Digital/IT. Investing in Digital Product Management capabilities is the next step in an environment where ‘software eats the world,’ products and services acquire a ‘digital’ layer, and customer experience (CX) is everything for success. Product Department is here to help individuals and organizations create value with products and services by developing Digital Product Management Capabilities.