Digital Product Management toolkit

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DPM tool kit 2024

Everyone needs their own DPM toolkit

Successful Digital Product Management experts all have one thing in common: their toolkit. Throughout their careers, this toolkit is filled with books, templates, best practices, diplomas, and articles. However, many of the tools in the toolkit are scattered online, on drives, or on a bookshelf. That’s why Product Department has developed a DPM toolkit as a toolbox that you can always access quickly when you need something.

All participants receive the DPM toolkit, including:

  • Useful Digital Product Management templates

  • Value-Based Pricing product step-by-step plan

  • Serious Games tools, materials, and manuals

  • Digital Syllabus in Miro

  • Book: Working Backwards (module 4)

  • Book: Continuous Discovery (module 6)

  • and much more

Start filling your DPM toolkit here!

The foundation for learning with us is the Digital Product Management Value Framework ©

  • The Digital Product Management Value Framework is developed in-house and serves as the foundation for the training.
  • The framework is structured into ‘cycles’ because the market and customer needs change, and your product or service is never complete.
  • During the training, various topics will be explored in the modules by applying models, best practices, cases, and hands-on exercises.
  • With the Digital Product Management toolkit, you receive the corresponding templates for the framework.
  • The framework provides a practical guide and step-by-step plan for immediate practical application

If you want to learn more about the DPM toolkit or the Digital Product Management Value Framework and its templates, please contact us at