Digital Product Management course

Create value for customers with fantastic products and services

Why invest in Digital Product Management Capabilities

Make a difference for customers

Create business impact

Grow your career in ‘product’

Digital Product Management Course

DPM course programme

Module 1 – Digital Product Management essentials

Module 2 – Everything is Customer Experience (CX)

Module 3 – Products & Services Analysis

Module 4 – Developing Product Strategy & Best Practices Working Backwards – Amazon

Module 5 – Setting Goals and Working with OKRs

Module 6 – Mastering Product Discovery

Module 7 – Developing Product Roadmaps

Module 8 – AI & Data in Product & Best Practices

Module 9 – Achieving Goals with Product Sprints

Module 10 – Mastering Pricing in Product

Module 11 – Success with Product Marketing & Best Practices @TomTom

Module 12 – Ready for Go-to-Market & Product Launch

Closing session – Final Assignment and presentation of DPMe Diploma Certificate.

Course results
  • You develop a clear vision of what Digital Product Management is for your role, function, and position in the organization to create maximum value with products and services.
  • You are able to introduce and initiate ‘product thinking’ in the organization.
  • You develop skills and insights to answer the question ‘how do we know if we are developing the right products or services for customers.’
  • You can connect Business and Digital/IT by developing the product strategy and translating it into the daily practice of the product teams.
  • You master the elements of the Digital Product Management chain to achieve your goals


Your results after investing in Digital Product Management

Digital Product Management tool kit

The DPM toolkit consists of:

  • Useful Digital Product Management templates
  • Value-Based Pricing product action plan
  • Serious Games – tools, manuals, and materials
  • Digital Syllabus in Miro
  • Book: Working Backwards
  • Book: Continuous Discovery
  • And much more…

DPM tool kit 2024

Digital Product Management Value Framework ©
  • The Digital Product Management Value Framework is developed in-house and forms the basis for the training.
  • The framework is structured into ‘cycles’ because the market and customer needs change, and your product or service is never complete.
  • During the training, various topics will be explored in-depth in the modules by applying models, best practices, cases, and by actively engaging with them.
  • In the Digital Product Management toolkit, you will receive the corresponding templates of the framework.
  • The framework is designed as a practical guide and action plan to be applied directly in practice.

Digital Product Management expert Diploma Certificate
  • With this training, you invest in your practical knowledge and skills in Digital Product Management. The DPMe Diploma Certificate is your proof that you have successfully completed the course.
  • You will receive the Digital Product Management Expert Diploma Certificate (DPMe) upon successfully completing the final assignment and presentation


Diploma Certificaat DPMe

Advice and Participant Intake

Choosing a training can be challenging because how do you know you are choosing the right one? And how do you get internal approval? Product Department understands this and assists you. In our advice and intake conversation, we examine together what suits you. The advice and intake conversation consist of 3 parts.

  1. Personal: Who are you, your career path, and how you envision your future.
  2. Professional: What are your learning needs and professional development goals.
  3. Development: What is your skill level, and which training suits you.

Based on the advice and intake conversation, you determine what your next steps are. Questions? Feel free to contact us or email us at

Incompany learning

Develop in-house Digital Product Management capabilities by customizing training for teams together. 

  • The content is tailored to organizational objectives and practice.
  • Participants learn together and grow as a team.
  • In alignment with the training budget.
  • Links the development of employees to personal development goals.

Option 1 – the DPM training

  • The Digital Product Management training customized for your organization, including the DPM toolkit, final assignment, and diploma certificate.

Option 2 – training specific knowledge and skills

  • Customized training on a specific topic, for example, planning & road mapping, the working backward method, or product discovery.

Option 3 – product practices workshops

  • Customized product workshops on specific topics tailored to your practice.


DPMe Incompany Certificaat logo

Time & Investment

 The Digital Product Management Professional training consists of:

  • 10 sessions | 12 modules | e-learning face-to-face learning
  • Digital Product Management experts from the field
  • Unique best practices from companies such as and Amazon
  • Digital Product Management toolkit
  • Digital Product Management Expert Diploma Certificate

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  • € 3.999 euro (ex. VAT) per participant

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Start June 2024

The DPM Course runs from the 11th of June to the 26th of November.


Learning & training at Product Department

Get actively involved in practical application

You will immediately start working with specially developed teaching materials. Instead of just listening to the theory, frameworks, and example cases from the instructors, you will directly apply the knowledge and skills to your own practice.

Inspiring learning from unique best practices

More customer value, more profit, better products, and services – that is the result of successfully applying Digital Product Management. Learn from Digital Product Management experts how you can make a difference for customers and the organization.

Earn your Digital Product Management Diploma Certificate

Obtain your Digital Product Management Diploma Certificate and demonstrate that you are a Digital Product Management expert. By certifying yourself, you contribute to the success of your organization and give your career a boost.

Course Digital Product Management benefits

Learning through Serious Gaming

You learn best by doing. Serious Games make it easy and fun to experience real-world situations in a game and connect them to emotions. This allows for quick and safe learning from each other and truly impacting change. During the modules, you will receive games and tools to apply it yourself in practice.

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Course details

  • Become a Digital Product Management expert
  • Classroom | e-learning
  • Earn your DPMe Diploma Certificate
  • Includes DPM toolkit with Serious Games, product books, and templates
  • 12 modules | 10 sessions | final assignment
  • Investment in knowledge and career

Price: €3,999 (excluding VAT)